Employee Appreciation at Trinity Transportation!

Trinity Transportation takes pride in giving back to all of the hard working employees. An event outside of work was scheduled as a way for the company to thank all of the dispatchers for all their hard work this past year. The idea of going to Painting with a Twist had come up, and Human Resources took the lead with organizing the event. Painting with a twist pairs instructional art with a lively instructor to produce works of art. Step by step instructions with experienced and enthusiastic local artists take place to make for a fun memory.

All dispatchers from all locations within all 3 divisions were invited to come and enjoy a night painting with their fellow coworkers. Trinity Transportation’s Regional Operations Manager, Dave Holls, was also in attendance. “Trinity has over 35 dispatchers throughout its many divisions and locations, and each of them works hard to ensure our operations run smoothly 24 hours a day. It can be a challenging position at times, especially during our busy seasons, but as an organization we always want to recognize the efforts of our team. That is why we organized this dispatcher appreciation event. It allowed our team to get together outside of work, have some fun, and we could thank them for all that they do.”

Trinity Transportation plans to do fun outside of work activities like this for all of their departments as a way to give back and thank them for all of their hard work!

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