Trinity Transportation Partners With DMC to Provide Shuttle Service


dmccIt’s something Shaun Nelson really wasn’t accustomed to – getting compliments about the shuttle service. DMC’s new shuttle service is into its eighth month and Shaun Nelson, Director of DMC Internal and External Transportation has been getting compliments from riders.

Though often overlooked, the job of getting employees, patients and visitors to and from their destinations is indispensable to DMC’s operations. As such, when CEO Joe Mullany steered DMC along a new path to becoming a Top 15 healthcare system, Nelson fully understood that his department also had a role.

“I started looking for a company that understood where we are trying to go and could develop policies and procedures that would help us reach our goal,” Nelson said. Armed with learning’s from previous years, and a better knowledge of what riders wanted and needed, the DMC selected Trinity Transportation.

The DMC was a new challenge for Trinity. “It was exciting for them and for us because for the first time we were able to build what we wanted,” Nelson said. “What Trinity offered was new buses, great, professional, customer-friendly drivers and staff who desire to be part of DMC, not just contractors,” Nelson said.

Apparently, the efforts of the entire team are paying off. Nelson said he’s been getting emails from satisfied riders, like these two:

“I am so very pleased with the “New Transportation Vehicle at the DMC. I enjoyed the comfortable ride. The driver was very friendly as well, and the Bus logos/signs were easy to see, which was great assistance with boarding the correct bus” – Tiuana

“Just wanted to tell you that the new transportation service is wonderful. I had to use it for the first time a couple of weeks ago. They are so prompt and courteous. It is my understanding (from other employees) that the buses run on time and are much more reliable. A win-win. Thank you.” – Joni

“If we can move everyone around in an expeditious fashion to get where they need to be, then we are doing our part in the Path to the Top. That was our goal from the beginning and the journey continues,” Nelson said. “We meet with the company weekly to go over how we can keep making improvements.”


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