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Rehman Bhatti
Marketing and Public Relations Director

We are entering the busiest time of the year and for me, it will be my first spring experience with Trinity Transportation. While it can seem a little scary, it also sounds like it’s going to be fun!

During busy times of the year, things can often get very hectic. The amount of trips you may be dealt with, whether you are booking them, driving, or riding along, might be more than normal which can be overwhelming. This will most likely be the same at other transportation companies across the country.

But what sets us apart from those companies can be summed up in one word: Family. I have only worked here for 4 months, but the friendly and caring atmosphere that I’ve observed by EVERYONE has been amazing. Joining Trinity, you don’t just become another employee, but another addition to the always growing Trinity family.

At Trinity, there seems to be the words teamwork and comradery built into our foundation. No matter how busy we get, or how difficult the task at hand is, we are able to put on a smile and get through it, even if that means asking a fellow team member for assistance or support. Even if it’s as simple as saying “hello” or smiling, it can make someone’s day 10x better.

So as you move forward in the next couple of busy months, remember that we are all working towards the same goal: “Creating a more accessible world. If you feel overwhelmed at any time, don’t be afraid to ask someone for help. And on the opposite side, if you notice someone stressed out from their work, please lend a helping hand. Together, we can knock this spring season out of the ballpark!


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