I Went to Prom Looking like a Rock Star

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Depending on who you ask, the most important night of a high school student’s life can vary. Most parents will tell you that their child’s graduation night is the most special event for them. But if you ask their children, they will most likely tell you…prom night!

Usually the first thing on the list for prom is the young lady’s dress or the young man’s tuxedo. But after that, all they can think about is that sweet ride to and from the prom venue!
The search for prom transportation will usually begin with, get ready – limousines. Now this is perfectly acceptable, but let’s be honest, do you really want to settle for “acceptable” on one of the most important nights of your high school life?

If you’re looking to set your group of friends apart from everyone else, then you should consider booking a motor coach bus. Here’s why:

  • Fit all of your friends on board – Most limousines will be able to accommodate 12-20 passengers. When booking a motor coach bus with Trinity Transportation, you can book as small as a 25 passenger mini coach and as big as a 56 passenger full sized motor coach. That way more of your friends can join your prom party and help cover the cost. And considering most of the young ladies will be wearing “larger than life” dresses, you’ll appreciate the extra space versus a narrow limo.Limo Bus
  • Quality equipment guaranteed – Most limousine services only run their vehicles within a certain mile radius. But a lot of motor coach companies take their vehicles all over the country, which means they have to be equipped with high quality parts and must be able to withstand thousands of miles at a time. Now we know your prom is probably no more than 30 minutes away from the pick-up point, but knowing that you’ve booked a vehicle that is heavy duty and with a company that is an expert in repairs or solving break down issues will give you a sense of relief. Also, there’s a bathroom included!
  • Show up like a rock star – While everyone is pulling up into their standard stretch limo, you and your friends can roll up in your motor coach bus (Ok, I guess we can call it a party bus for one night!). A lot of students attending prom don’t just want to have fun at the venue but also on the way there. The party bus will allow students to hook up their own music and have a great a time as soon as they get picked up. Trinity offers a 56 passenger motor coach, our 25-35 mini coaches, and if you feel the need to still get a little bit of that “limo feel” for your prom, we also offer a 28 passenger black limo bus.

Trinity Transportation has a strict “no drinking” policy for underage students and our drivers are trained to enforce this policy by working with parents to ensure their children behave in a safe and responsible manner while traveling to and from the prom venue.

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