Trinity Student Delivery Keeping Our Children Safe

Trinity Student Delivery is always in the business of keeping kids safe. In fact, it’s our number one priority! This week, though, we’ve been part of two major news stories about keeping our kids safe.

We’ve partnered with Saginaw Charter Academy to provide transportation to their students for the first time. With the recent changes in school districts in the area, many students were left without school transportation. Our school bus routes will keep many students from walking to school. Contact the school for more information about routes. See the full story on

In Lake Township, OH, Rossford students and staff were part of a real-time training where an actor portrayed a gunman taking hostage of the bus. A SWAT team was also involved in the exercise and shared some life saving tips with students. See the full story on Toledo News Now.

If you’re interested in learning more about Trinity Student Delivery’s safety training, please contact Alana Tobis at


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