What’s New at Cedar Point? Not just the Gatekeeper

We won’t deny that the Gatekeeper is our most anticipated change to Cedar Point this year, who can argue that? Gatekeeper is the tallest, fastest, and longest wing roller coaster in the world. It breaks seven world records. But then, would you expect anything less from Cedar Point?GateKeeper

The Gatekeeper Boasts
  • Longest wing coaster – 4,164 feet
  • Fastest non-launched wing coaster – 67 mph
  • Tallest inversion on any roller coaster – 170 feet
  • Longest drop on a wing coaster – 164 feet
  • Most inversions on a wing coaster – 6
  • Most roller coaster track at one park – 56,702 feet
  • Most rides at one park – 72
On top of the anticipated Gatekeeper, Cedar Point will also be working on other areas to improve the experience of guests.
  • Know the beach you see from the Wicked Twister that you have no idea how to get to? Cedar Point’s new vision for it includes live music, food vendors and more, giving visitors more of an “island vibe” on the sand.
  • Fast Lane Tickets let you bypass regular lines on more than 20 rides. You can ride as many times as you want all day long. When you only have one day to spend in the park, it may be worth the extra dough.
  • Improved customer service. While we can’t really complain about the customer service now, the fairly new CEO’s experience with Disney means he has experience in and values the great customer experience those parks offer. Disney magic AND our favorite roller coasters? What more could you ask for? We can think of one thing…

This summer, Trinity Transportation introduced the Cedar Point Charter

A a full-service, luxury charter bus making trips to Cedar Point from Detroit all summer long. We know the drive can be grueling, especially the “are we there yet?”s and the “I need to use the bathroom”s. Trinity Transportation has you covered.Charter Bus without power linesweb

  • Free WiFi on board means no more complaining about being bored (you can even get some work done!)
  • Power Outlets in every row means no hassle of 12v converters, dead cell phones, etc
  • Restroom on-board means no more long rest stops on the way
  • Large, comfortable reclining seats

Plus, compare the Cedar Point Charter to the competition:

Between the Gatekeeper, fast lane tickets, and the Cedar Point Charter, this summer is sure to be the best trip to Cedar Point ever. We know we can’t wait!

For more information about the Cedar Point Charter, please visit our Cedar Point Charter page or contact Austin at or (888) 995-5898.


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