Trinity Pairs with the Trenton Police to Give

Trenton Police Round Up Middle School Students for Trip to Comerica Park

The Trenton Police Charities in conjunction with Boyd W. Arthurs Middle School have selected 16 students at random to attend a Detroit Tigers game at Comerica Park.

The Trenton Police Department is rounding up several middle schools students to take them on a trip to see the Detroit Tigers play the Kansas City Royals on April 30.

Students were selected at random to enjoy a free game at Comerica Park complete with food and beverages.

The Trenton Police Charities created the trip.

Chief Nardone said the Tigers organization supplied the department with 30 tickets and he and two other officers, Officer Mike Hawkins and Sgt. Mark Enright, decided to donate more than half of the tickets to students who may have never seen a Tigers game before.

Trinity Transportation in Wyandotte donated a coach bus for the trip. The bus is capable of seating all 30 participants and it even has a bathroom.

Jerry Sheppard, president of Trinity Transportation, said the donation is for a very good cause.

He added donating transportation is not uncommon for the company.

“It’s not something out of the oridinary for us to help out with causes for those that are less fortunate like kids who’ve never seen a Tigers game,” Sheppard said. “If we have the availability and we are able to do it, and it’s in the budget, we will always try to give back,” Sheppard said.

Enright helped arrange the bus and food and also arranged for the students to be welcomed to the park on the new 6000 square-foot score board, which was installed before the start of the season.

Tracey Kersten, a counselor at Arthurs, helped select the students for the trip by creating a raffle in which students could submit an application of sorts with their name and one sentence as to why they want to go to the game.

There was no cost to enter the raffle and 16 students were selected for the trip.

“A lot of students wrote they wanted to go because they thought they could watch and pick up some tips for their game,” Kersten said.

The remaining tickets will go to Trenton police officers and parents who will be chaperoning the trip.

Students will board the bus at 5:30 p.m. in front of Arthurs Middle School.

“We have to thank the Detroit Tigers and Trinity Transportation for helping us out, and of course the Arthurs staff,” Nardone said.  “Mark Enright and Officer (Mike) Hawkins were instrumental in putting this together as well as Mrs. (Tracey) Kersten and Mrs. (Stephanie) O‘Connor over there at the middle school. They put this together in a hurry. They did a good job.”

Nardone added he believes there could be more trips to Comerica Park for Trenton students in the future.

By Nate Stemen

Trenton Patch

April 28, 2012


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